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Ned’s 100 word challenge

As I dash through the corridor I spot a flower pot. I’m like “why is it there?” But it grew and grew and suddenly instead of cute flower, it was a bloodthirsty,hideous, mammoth sized alligator. He was 50 feet tall … Continue reading

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Questions and facts

I have some questions and facts about volcanos and mountains 1. Before mount Everest was descovered what was the highest mountain? 2. If a hole is 10 feet long and a 1 metre width how much dirt is in there ? 3. … Continue reading

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About my football team by Tyler

This post is about my football team. My football team is comets youth.These are team mates : Harvey our  goalie Kassar is our right back and right winger.My position is striker.We are doing very in the 2nd division.

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CHRISTMAS POEM Christmas Christmas here we come .lots of presents hear and there. beautiful decorations sitting on the arms of the tree. 

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Well done everyone!

It is so lovely to read all of your work from ICT. I hope to see more of you blogging now including doing the 100 word challenge.

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All about me jamieg

All about me Jamie G     Hello I have a brother called Lewis .My favourite team is Arsenal but they got Knocked  out the cup.  

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Iam  Macy  andiam  fasanatid. inannimals           myfavrt animal  is  ananimal  Elefant.Iihav 3   pets  whun  is  aDogAnday Fish  andfinley  aygineypig.And ilivnextowhunov  my  frens.andtheasiifromme.

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All about me by Amy

My name is Amy. I have one brother and one sister. Also I have two pet guinea pig’s called Sausage and Pepper two cats called Dodger and Cricket, one dog called Layla. My friends are Colie, Gabriel, Ilana, Holly, Jade … Continue reading

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All about me Samuel

I have one brother that is silly and drives me nuts.      I like to play with my lovely brother and catch him.     I love to play with my football and cick

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All About Me Libby

Hi, i’m Libby and I have one brother called Mitchell also one sister called Ruby as well as haveing a pet rabbit.I’m a Tom boy and I like to play for Comets girls which is a football club.My postion that I … Continue reading

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