5 Sentence Challenge – 3#

Here is the new 5 Sentence Challenge from Mrs Skinner.

As you can see the prompt this time is a picture. Look very carefully at all the things that are going on and choose 5 things to write about.

Do try to visit other children’s work and leave a comment. It is so nice to have visitors!
The link will be open until 9pm (BST) 24th Oct
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One Response to 5 Sentence Challenge – 3#

  1. Ruby says:

    That is a realy good 5 sentance Mrs skinner I like the way that you put all of your lovley sentances in that box it was a really good 5 sentance chalinge you diserve a pat on the back. Evrey one gives people difrent coments but this is the best ever coment…xx from ruby.

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