5 Sentence Challenge – #9

Wow! Once again Natalia’s work has been showcased in the 5 Sentence Challenge, Well done to all of you for your entries.

Here is this weeks challenge from Mrs Skinner.

This will be the last 5 Sentence Challenge until September! I have chosen a picture that I took just for you all. It is of a shop window and you’ll easily be able to see what sort of shop it was. There are lots of things to look at so do  look REALLY carefully.

As usual, I want you to share 5 sentences about this picture.

As this is the last 5SC for this academic year, I do hope lots of you enter!



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100 Word Challenge – week 36

Here is this week’s challenge from Mrs Skinner:

This week we are working with another organisation that you may have heard of. It is ‘Send My Friend to School‘.

As the name suggests they help the 67 million children who do not go to school to get an education. Yes there are millions of children who do not have the chance to learn, play and share with others.

The prompt this week is to answer this question:

….Why do you think school is important? ….

It can be difficult to imagine something that you have never experienced. Here is a brief description of one little girl’s experience

Ummi is 12 and lives in Kabiji, Nigeria. Her father is a trader and does not earn enough money to buy the books, uniform or shoes Ummi needs to go to school. Instead Ummi sells snacks at a local market. Ummi says “My friends got to Kabiji Primary School. When I see them going, I wish I could go too.”

The people at ‘Send My Friend to School’ have very kindly offered some T-shirts as prizes to the best 5 entries. Let’s make sure they see your very best work!!

Do pop over to their website. There you will see all the information about the events they hold. you will also see details of their Ambassadors. We are going to be following their progress after the holidays.

The link will stay open until 9pm on 3rd July.

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Years 3 & 4 Olympic logos

Years 3 & 4 created some great Olympic Logo’s, medals & mascots in their ICT lesson today. They used the all tools template in 2 Paint a Picture.

We hope you like them, please comment.


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Nanny’s 5 Sentence Challenge

We have a great entry for the 5 Sentence challenge from someone’s nanny, please comment!

On Friday morning I had a large bowl of cereal instead of my usual toast.  Whilst eating I read the back of the cereal packet where there was a blue coupon.  It read,’ if you collect 20 coupons they can be used to help pay for a small puppy to be trained as a Guide Dog for the Blind.’  As I munched my cereal and continued to read I thought that this was a brilliant thing to do and decided to have cereal every day.  It was only 3 weeks later that I went running off to the post box with my 20 coupons to post, feeling so proud that I would be helping someone become independent.

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Year 3 4 Simulations

Year 3 4 have been looking at simulations in ICT. They have looked at Science simulations on the BBC website here linked to their IPC topic.

They have also used and evaluated these simulations using ideas from Mr S. Haughton.

The Great Balloon Race

I do dog tricks

Parking Perfection


Here are some other simulations that you may like to play.

Burger Restaurant

Lemonade Stand

Maggie’s Bakery

Simple Machines

Bekonscott model village

Save Badger Wood

Which simulation do you like best?

Which is most realistic and why?

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” Once in a lifetime” ending by Libby.

The collosal turtle was taking the captain somewhere. The captain was a bit worried because he did not know where the collosal turtle was going to take him. He tried to think where the turtle would take him. Eventually the captain remembered to thank the turtle. The captain suddenly spotted an island. Then the island he spotted was his home forever.

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” Once in a Lifetime” ending by Zuzia

The gargantuan emerald green tortoise took the poor man to a world of your dreams. They flew for many exciting days. Finally they arrived at a world of green. It was full of fairies, frogs, trees, dragons and many other things. This was a once in a lifetime experience.

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Olympic Torch

The Olympic torch is still touring the country, on Sunday 8th July it will be heading to Hemel Hempstead.

Here are some pictures of the torch being carried in lots of different ways.
Can you think of any other ways you could carry the torch? Please share your ideas in the comment box.

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5 Sentence Challenge – #8

Congratulations to Natalia for having her last entry showcased. You can see her work here.

Here is the next challenge from Mrs Skinner.

For the prompt this time, we are going to do something a little different. I want you to write a sentence for each of these 5 words. They don’t have to make a story but if you want to try to link them then that would be wonderful. The words are:-

….Large    Blue    Puppy    Brilliant    Running…

The link will stay open until 9pm on 27th June

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Please share your stories of your Jubilee celebrations

Use the comments section below to share your stories of how you celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

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