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Abbie – 100 Word Challenge

The spider crawled fifty miles then he pushed the white web into a stream as carefully as possible. Just before eating a juicy ladybird for dinner!! Then he found 71 p lying on the tarnished floor and thought he would … Continue reading

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5 Sentence Challenge by Abbie (Emerald)

As soon as Rock Challenge started, I broke my leg jumping in an intriguing manner. Luckily Danielle was able to fill in for me however she ran in the rehearsal so she injured her knee really badly. All of a … Continue reading

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5 Sentence Challenge by Abbie (Emerald)

As I was walking through the dusty street, I felt a little breeze I realized it had started to snow heavily I rushed for shelter swiftly and reached the shop. After I finished my shopping, I walked thinking it had … Continue reading

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Ten Things Found in the White Witch’s Pocket by Abbie

A giant icy wand to turn her peasants to stone. A magnificent diamond spare crown in case that one melts on her head. A Fabulous tempting Turkish delight to trick people who get in her way. A small glistening copper … Continue reading

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All about me by Abbie

Hi there this is all about me. I have a little brother calledTyler who I love very much . We both do swimming as a hobby. I also am about to start street dance. My favourite lesson is P.E. my favourite … Continue reading

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