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100 Word Challege by Andrew

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, wait sorry I meant last year, there was a pile of logs. You may think these logs were normal  but really they were magic and stuck together! Millions of people … Continue reading

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100 Word Challenge by Andrew

It was a warm summer evening and the sun had completely disappeared from behind the swaying trees. As all was quiet, one daisy said to another daisy ” Why are those two deer leaping tworords us?” “Maybe it’s a leap … Continue reading

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5 Sentence Challenge by Andrew

The virtuous Achilles started to dash after his opponent (as if he were running at the speed of sound!). Suddenly a rock hard rabbit jumped in the middle of the immense Colesseum! At this moment, Achilles did not know what … Continue reading

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Five Sentence Challenge by Andrew (Emerald)

It was an extremely cold day and most people outside were just immense blocks of rock hard ice. As I stepped out of my miniscule door and into the frozen street, my left leg immediately got stuck in some extremely … Continue reading

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Ten Things Found in the White Witch’s Pocket by Andrew

Slippery meat for the Polar Bears to eat. A magnificent crown that makes everyone frown. A venomous snake to make everyone shake. Gorgeous  Turkish delight it will break up a fight. Fluffy fur coat so you can’t get cold. A … Continue reading

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Hello, my name is Andrew. I have two sisters but I have no brothers. My favourite hobbies are: Football, tennis, making modals, baking, pottery, making stories and drawing. I like eating kesh and pizza butI hate spinich and brussle sprouts. I like bord … Continue reading

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