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5 Sentence Challenge by Conor

When the man jumped into the sand pit he got messy. When the man got out of the sandpit, he skipped off. Then the man started to run. He was running out when he just did 18 seconds.

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Ten Things Found in the White Witch’s Pocket by Conor

The thin white wand that makes people frees in a spell The potion that makes you feel very sick Sponge Turkish delight  what makes your mouth water Soft chair for all the  jurneys  A colossal table peppered for some   deaf … Continue reading

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Adout me

Hello,my name is conor l  my favourite hobbies are football ,rugby , tennis,ronders and criket  my favourite food are  chocolate,cripa,pancaks,pitza ,role.Also I   like board games and card games. I also have one sisster .Well  Thats all adout me.

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