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5 Sentence Challenge by Harry

Skipping is boring, jumping is alright however running is virtuous especially in the Olympics. The Olympics is held in the United Kingdom consquently the running should be very entertaining as you will know Great Britain is very funny. Great Britain … Continue reading

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Five Sentence Challenge by Harry (Emerald)

As I stepped out off my peculiar, colossal house, I walked hastily down the minuscule street when I realised it was winter weather. Instead of walking  I ran chaotically down the street shouting “It’s SNOWING!!!” I could hear the shushing … Continue reading

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Ten Things Found in the White Witch’s Pocket by Harry

A majestic, icy crown to make it snow. A furry, fluffy coat to make polar bears extinct. A bright, golden lamppost flickering to light the path. A vast, long whip to keep the fat dwarf and skinny reindeer going. An … Continue reading

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All about me

This post is all about me. I have ginger curly hair, bright sapphire eyes, lots of freckles, long and short hair. I play for watford Academy and love football. My favourite subject  is P.E, maths, music and all of the subjects what we … Continue reading

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