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5 Sentence Challenge by Kacey

I can jump really well. I might be able to do the Olympics. I can also run very well so I could do cross-country. Also I can skip. It is very fun because it is just like galloping. Then I … Continue reading

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Five Sentence Challenge by Kacey (Emerald)

It was snowing because on the whether it said it would snow hard. As I walked down town  I rushed for shelter.  As I went to my friends house it began to snow when I got there I put the … Continue reading

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Ten Things Found in the White Witch’s Pocket by Kacey

The red, yummy Turkish delight tastes like roses. A diamond, icy crown like prickly thorns. The freaky colossal, ice castle had an evil which in there. The bright colossal lamppost shone in Lucy’s eyes. The freezing icicles glistening in the … Continue reading

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All about me.

This poast is all about me. I have brown strait hair,bright green eyes, i have got long hair. My favorite subject is maths and football. I am in year 4 and i am 8 years old. My  birthday is on 12th of … Continue reading

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