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100 Word Challenge by Lewis

On Monday I had magnificent day and I wanted to go on holiday. My mum said “yes” because she had 1254 pounds. We got a taxi and the taxi took us to the airport. The plain took us to Disneyland … Continue reading

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5 Sentence Challenge by Lewis

One day I saw a crazy jumping rabbit. When I was excited to go to the zoo I was running around the house. One day I saw my brother skipping to the park. In the morning I was jumping everywhere. … Continue reading

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Ten Things Found in the White Witch’s Pocket by Lewis

A very sparkly shiny crown. An evil wand that can tern people to stone. A warm coat that has fur on the coat so she wont get cold except people . An evil drink so she can put people to … Continue reading

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All about me

I really like  to tell people what i like and that is football,literacy,books and stuff like that .I even play for comets that i really like.I like macking books the most. I do hope everyone has a really nice day … Continue reading

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