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100 Word Challenge by Ned

As Tim diapered Moby looked for his hat, rapidly they (or just Tim) found it. Running past Moby fell into a TREASURE sadly he did not come out because it was a portal! Shivering in fear Tim ran after him.POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOF … Continue reading

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100 Word Challenge (Week 23) by Ned

When I got out of bed I was feeling a little frightened because it was pouring with rain like BANG, CRASH suddenly…     The changed for the worst…   But it was strange because the cats were dancing in … Continue reading

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5 Sentence Challenge by Ned

As the sun rose, children’s laughter grew louder. Suddenly I saw people running, skipping and jumping. It was a marvellous sight. Soon I saw a lovely magnificent dance. I started to think, when a horrible beast came. Everybody started to … Continue reading

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Ten Things Found in the White Witch’s Pocket by Ned

A lovely soft polar bear fur coat. An enchanted limited edition Turkish delight. A wonderful, magical, majestic wand. A scarlet stolen ruby. A horrendous poisonous potion. An annoying lion’s mane to taunt Aslan. A wicked Invisibility cloak.  Magic water to … Continue reading

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Ned’s 100 word challenge

As I dash through the corridor I spot a flower pot. I’m like “why is it there?” But it grew and grew and suddenly instead of cute flower, it was a bloodthirsty,hideous, mammoth sized alligator. He was 50 feet tall … Continue reading

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All about me

Hello I surrport Liverpool! Because they have great players! One of my brothers hate Liverpool. but my favourite subject is maths.

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