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100 Word Challenge by Sophie A.

One sunny day there was two friends who were bffs one friend was called Ilana. Her birthday was on the 29th February.   “Have you got me a preset?” “ITS leap year and it’s my birthday “ “Oh dear I forgot … Continue reading

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5 Sentence Challenge by Sophie A

Happily the tiny, beautiful girl was skipping. She was virtuous. Although the boy was hurt, he was jumping like a frog. Swiftly the fast boy was running as fast as he can. Badly the girl was cheating and took a … Continue reading

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Ten Things Found in the White Witch’s Pocket by Sophie A

An icy sparkling crown to see that she is queen of Nania. A majestic piece of lion hair to taunt people with.  Evil powerful bags of potion to trick lots of people. Scrumptious enchanted Turkish delight to eat all day. … Continue reading

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About me

Hello my name is sophie  I have two sisters  Hannah and laura  and a brother called luke.  My  Favriout dinner is pizza and chips.

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